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Meet The Urban Voyager

The upgraded edition of our all-time signature dog car seat bed - First Class. Combining enhanced comfort, safety, and style, this is the ultimate travel companion for your furry friend.

It's not just a drive, it's a serene escape.

Picture this: a car ride where every mile is a calm mile. Gone are the days of restless pacing and driving distractions. Both you and your pet relax into the journey, enjoying each other's peaceful company.

Your pet’s seat is as chic as it is cozy!

Safety is our top priority

Travel in Comfort and Safety

Urban Voyager is crafted with heightened and thicken padding to soften every bump on the road. Its anti-slip bottom ensures the seat stays put, keeping your little companion safe and cozy throughout the journey.

Sustainable Luxury

Breathable Premium Synthetic Leather

Waterproof, stain-resistant, and scratch-proof, making it ideal for active pets. Its easy-to-clean surface and detachable cover make cleaning and maintenance effortless. 

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Secure & Simple

Enhanced Stability

Urban Voyager features built-in adjustable safety straps to securely buckle your pup for maximum safety. With widened leather handles for easy carrying and a broad strap to hang it onto the car seat back, it ensures enhanced stability during your travels.

The right size for your petite pal

Tailored Comfort for Smaller Breeds

Custom-fitted for small breeds, providing a secure and snug travel experience. The compact design provides an ideal enclosure, ensuring they have enough space to relax while still being safely cradled.

Comfort in All Seasons

✔️ Versatile Use

More than just a car seat, it doubles as a cozy bed for for small breeds, perfect for home or travel.

✔️ Effortless Upkeep

Our detachable, machine-washable cover makes maintenance a breeze.

✔️ Luxury Design

Each stitch contributes to a silhouette of refined taste and poise, marrying comfort with haute couture.

✔️ Homestyle Comfort

Urban Voyager is designed to give your pet a snug spot that feels just like their favorite corner at home.

The Cool Way to Travel with Pets

Urban Voyager

FunnyFuzzy has become my go-to brand for comfy pet products. They don’t just make comfort for the home. Their pet car seats are just as snuggly as their couches and loungers.

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