Bring Comfort to Every Mile

Hit the Road in Style

Ever worry about your dog’s comfort and safety on the road? We understand that concern deeply, which is why we've designed our dog car seat beds with both in mind.

At FunnyFuzzy, we believe every journey should feel as safe and cozy as time spent at home. It’s not just about protecting your pet: it’s about ensuring they enjoy every mile just as much as you do. With sleek, thoughtfully designed beds that fit right into your car’s decor, we provide a special spot just for them. Let us help make your travels together safer and more stylish, without ever compromising on comfort.

Boost Safety by 73% with a Dog Car Seat Bed

Imagine a seat belt designed just for them, offering protection during sudden stops, sharp turns, or the unexpected. Plus, with 65% of pet owners reporting fewer distractions, you can focus on the road while your pet lounges in their cozy, personal spot.

A Guide to Your Pet's Comfort and Safety In the Car

  • Secure Installation: Ensure the car seat bed is properly secured to the vehicle seat using the provided attachments. This maximizes safety and stability.
  • Comfort Essentials: For longer trips, pair the bed with their favorite toy or blanket to help soothe and calm them, making the car ride a peaceful retreat.
FunnyFuzzy has become my go-to brand for comfy pet products. They don’t just make comfort for the home. Their pet car seats are just as snuggly as their couches and loungers.

Journey in Comfort

Dog Car Seat Bed - First Class

The beauty of our First-Class Dog Car Seat Bed is its versatile charm. Designed for more than just travel, it's your dog's comfort haven—at home or on the go. Its sleek, portable design effortlessly transitions from indoors to adventure, ensuring your furry friend enjoys a familiar spot to unwind, no matter the destination.

Splash-Proof Comfort

Whether facing a drizzle or a downpour, the resilient fabric effortlessly withstands rain and sewage, providing a clean, cozy haven for your dog, while maintaining your car’s elegance. Your furry friend will adore their comfy corner, and you’ll love the effortless upkeep.

Mobile Bedroom for Large Lap Dogs

Our back seat extender, built with four sturdy polypropylene sheets, provides solid support and spacious comfort for long journeys. It's equipped with four adjustable straps for a firm attachment to headrests, ensuring a secure and smooth ride on any terrain.

Care for Multiple Furry Friends

Having more dogs shouldn’t mean less comfort. Our Travel Bolster Safety Seat Bed is spacious enough to accommodate multiple furry family members, making it a joyous and comfortable ride for everyone.


FunnyFuzzy and Klarna have teamed up and used a combination of Klarna and FunnyFuzzy's ideas to present this FUNNYFUZZY X Klarna Pet Car Seat Bed, which is designed to explore the wonderful companionship between humans and their pets, and to make your travels with your beloved pets safer and more comfortable.


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